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About Us

About Us

LiveBits is a Creative and Experienced Creative Design & Print business to provide the Ultimate & Affordable Design, Print & Web solutions along with the other services to our clients for running and improving their business.

We have served over 150 satisfied clients in the UK with our services. We bring the new trend in solution providence and consulting services by enabling the end user to participate in complete implementation life cycle with our team.

As an expert of web based solutions we allow our clients to take complete benefits of World Wide Web by getting our expertise in web design, advertisement & brand identity, application development, consulting, deployment & hosting.

Why we are different from the others?

In today’s digital era, all the businesses are moving online. We can analyse your business for its online and digital needs and provide you with best quality word in a very affordable prices.

Small businesses without an IT team can avail our services on a per hour or per day basis.

Business emails is another area where a lot of small businesses faces difficulty. At LiveBits we promise to setup your business emails on your computers for free if you buy hosting services from us.

In order to meet the quality work constraint we take single project at one time and at one phase. We do not run behind money and profit making projects, we believe in making relationship with our clients not only profit. At LiveBits, its our believe that if our client are making profit with our services only then its our success.

Our 100% project success rate confirms that we are standing separately from many other solution providers due to our approach and working style.

Our Process

Requirement Planning

In this phase we meet with stakeholders to identify the core requirements and business objectives. We take interviews of executives, stakeholders. We do user research, analytics analysis, competitive market analysis and more. We finalize the project scope, constraints, assumptions, team and cost in this phase.

User Design

Logical and physical design of deliverable is finalized in this phase. We develop models and prototypes that represent all system processes, inputs and outputs. End user team is fully coordinated with us to finalize the user design. We use use-cases, interactive flows, site mapping, wire framing, and user interface design tools.


During this phase we focus on program and application development. We still allow end user to make changes in any kind of deliverable in both technical and functional sense. We work on HTML / XHTML, CSS, JS, FLASH, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA and more.


In this phase we do some final work on project which includes data conversions, testing, change over to the new system, and user training. Integration with third party packages such as WORDPRESS, JOOMLA is also performed in this phase. In short we take project on Live Instance in this phase.

How we manage your project?

We take our project approach different from development life cycle and that is why our project success rate is 100%. We use simple and clean strategy to manage our project. Following are the some common phases, which are use by us in our projects:

Kick off

We kick off the project by having meeting and sitting with stake holders. We kick off after finalizing the scope, quality criteria and payment terms of project.


If there is any need to acquire some assets for project then we do it firstly. Our procurement analysts enable us to provide some better choices to our clients, but in the end choice is depends on our clients. We only suggest the right thing.


Here we play with the logical designs of project. We do AS IS study first to find out the problem area of the client. Then we go for TO BE study, which shows our suggestion about problems identified in AS IS. Once we are done with both studies then we find out the GAP ANALYSIS to recommend the best solution to client. Remember, it is only modeling phase not an actual product.

Data Gathering / Configuration

If data gathering is required we ask our client to start with it. Yes we do not collect data on the behalf of clients. In order to provide maximum benefits to our clients we suggest them hiring a few data entry operators on contract basis to collect the data. If there is not data gathering need in project then we directly towards the configuration phase of project. We configure the client’s requirement in our solution.


We finalized the scope and level of training such as end user training of system, administrator training and etc. We ask our client to nominate the staff for the training. We conduct detail training and also record it to evaluate the performance of our trainers.


Before driving the jet, we ask our client to test it on their complex and normal scenarios. Our client performs some test cases with our consultation in this phase. We perform all kind of testing in this phase such as integration, user acceptance and more.

Go Live

Finally we let our client to use the system in LIVE settings. We do not do any work in this phase, but just we review the small issues and problems and yes we give the party on night to enjoy another success.

Post Implementation Support

We support till the agreed period to clients about new system. It may cover from customization of reports to screen, design to color theme of product. Normally we offer three (3) month free any kind of post implementation support to our clients.

What do we charge?

Our old clients do not worry about payment terms, because they know that where they are investing and what they will have in return from us. Our charges might be higher as compare to other organization, but our quality services have no match in market. For smaller projects we follow neat and clean payment term, which is payment in two installments. 25% non refundable payment after signing on the agreement and another 75% non refundable after completion of all work. For large projects we keep payment on the basis of agreed milestones. Milestones identified and agreed on project plan by both parties. It would be like 30% non refundable payment before starting the work and then 14% on each one milestone out of five. We still are open and negotiable for our both future and existing clients.

Do you want to hire us?

We are everywhere on the internet from FACEBOOK to TWITTER, the best ways to get in touch with us that drop an email at info@thelivebits.co.uk